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My kid has her own style

Forgive me mother, but I have (with great reluctance) succumb to Annaliese's desire to dress herself. She's becoming fiercely independent and I've lost the will to fight. Yes, this was what she really wanted to wear to church....and so...I let her. But the shoes were new and without sand which is more than I can say of her nice church shoes!
I had picked out both of their church outfits as usual, (two different outfits, but matching Gymboree line..Brown with Blue dots). She decided to override my decision with this outfit and also went into Maddie's room to pick Maddie a similar polka dotted dress for Maddie. I guess she's learned mom's M.O. The girls must match.

And this was earlier in the week. I told the girls to get their suits on so we could go play at the splash park. This is what came out of the bedrooms. The good news is, she's following directions.
I have lots of photos from vacation. I wonder if I'll ever get around to them. Any spare time I have, I've been taking reading on my new kindle ap for my phone. Me likes. Since my vacation two weeks ago (to Pasadena, Santa Monica and Annaheim) I've read Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice. For some reason it's easier to read on the phone ap, probably because I do a lot of my reading in bed and like that it's illuminated.
I also like that I can just prop it up in the bathroom when I do my hair and make up and easily read there too.
More updates to come.
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Guy Fieri at Madden's Birthday

We went to John Madden's 75th Birthday. Guy Fieri was a special guest with an awesome catering team doing the food. It was so amazing! ( He borrowed my blender and food processor for the event. Can I sell them on ebay now? Dang it! Should have gotten them signed!) He's opening a restaurant here in Dublin in June. He told Jonathan that if he goes to it, they'll stuff him so good that he'll have to carry him out in a stretcher. So how can you not go to that?
Poor Jonathan is so dead. He's been working nonstop this entire week AND weekend. He is hobbling his body hurts so bad. But the party looked incredible and so did the wedding that he did yesterday. I think I'll make him take a day off this week.
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Nothing of vanity and lameness

I'm trying to grow my hair out again. It's taking a painstakingly long time. In the meantime I pulled out the tiny curling iron, (the one previously reserved for my long hair). The same one that gets insanely, (melt the bathroom counter in the process), hot. Just how hot? I can turn it up to eleven, that's how hot. But it's all about results.
So I have curls again. It's awesome!

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I picked Annaliese up from preschool and this is exactly how she looked sitting on the carpet. Wearing her coat and sunglasses. She cracks me up.
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All Maddie

This is from Maddie's Birthday party at her Nommy and Papa's house. She is afraid of candles. We lit the cake and she started hiding behind daddy saying, "No, No, No, No!" But she does like to sing Happy Birthday. Her version is always to her cousin J.J. who she calls, Yay Yay. So, it goes like this, "Happy, happy, yay yay! Happy, happy, yay, yay!" Very cute!

So the rest of this post is dedicated to Maddie. These are photos from the last couple weeks.

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Jazz Singer

Anna climbs everything, and that includes the piano, so while she was already up there I had to take a shot. Maybe she's just destined to be a lounge singer. (That fabric is going to be in Anna's bead spread that I'm going to make. Along with some other bluish grey pieces.) And this outfit is one of the outfits she put on as one her many "play clothes" outfits after school. Excellent choice.